Acne / Oily

Are you in a constant battle with acne? You are not alone. Did you know that eight out of 10 teenagers experience some form of acne in their preteen or teenage years?  And acne is not limited to teens; many women sadly re-experience acne problems as they advance into their menopausal years. Acne is a genetic disease of the follicle that can be managed but not cured. Here’s the science behind acne.


There are three components that allow acne to thrive in your skin: an excess of oil called sebum, dead skin cell buildup, and bacteria. These three can be found in any skin follicle. When our skin experiences retention hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin’s outer layer), skin produces an overabundance of sebum that clings to dead skin cells creating a sludge-like solution within our skin, a perfectly gruesome environment for bacteria to flourish. This creates a micro-comedo (the early stage of acne lesion formation) within the follicle that can grow into an open or closed comedone, also commonly known as a blackhead or whitehead.

When acne triggers increased sebum production or dead cell retention, this also initiates more breakouts and larger, more problematic lesions. Scientists have not pinpointed specific factors that cause acne, but stress, hormonal fluctuations, compromised immune system, comedogenic cosmetics, improper skin cleansing and diet can all play a role in an acne condition. Fear not, however, Lira Clinical has you covered with a skincare program that can be customized to your needs and lifestyle.

It is essential to maintain body balance, both internally and topically when combating acne. Skin issues such as breakouts, redness, inflammation, and sensitivity can accompany an acne condition. Lira Clinical’s proven acne formula offers clients skin freedom to a clear, clarified complexion.

Utilizing cutting-edge anti-inflammatories for brightening and reducing redness, Lira Clinical combines topical probiotics balancing skin’s microbiome optimizing skin health. Exclusive MASQ-techTM illuminating technology brightens, restores, and minimizes pore appearance while preventing future pigment formation. Plus, Lira’s revolutionary healing peptide delivery system creates a skin-friendly pathway for proven active agents increasing your skin’s ability to combat an acne environment.

Whether your skin is environmentally-stressed or struggling with regular breakouts, Lira Clinical has home care programs and professional treatments to correct current acne and redness, maintain a clear complexion and prevent future breakouts.


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